Monday, August 03, 2009

Big Tip: Read the Editors Page

It is so tempting when reading the wedding magazines to skip right on through to your favorite parts; the real weddings, the hot trends, the oh so lovely pictures we all crave for. Here's the thing though, the Editors page, sometimes referred to as the letter from the editor, is kind of like a summary and explanation of why everything included in that issue has been selected. Magazines are very much like books with chapters and each chapter has something to do with the next- they're just laid out differently.
I particularly love Grace Ormonde's page in Wedding Style and Darcy Millers page in Martha Stewart Weddings. Read these and you'll understand the thought process for the issue and you'll get more out of everything they've carefully selected for you (more often than not through a painstakingly difficult narrowing process).

101 Destination Wedding Planning Tips

From the editors of Destination Weddings & Honeymoons