Sunday, August 30, 2009

A great First Dance Song

I got a call while driving to LaPlaya Beach Resort last week.
"I'm callin it!", Clint Wiley says.
Every now and again one of us will come across a new song and just know that its going to be huge in weddings. The BIG song is always going to be the first dance song, and when a new one is called- boy, that's a big deal.
About a year ago I called it with Jason Mraz's Lucky & I'm Yours. Sure enough- I've had at least 8 of our last 15 weddings use them for the 1st dance and recessional songs.

So what is the new song Clint has called? It's by Uncle Kracker and it's titled Smile. I LOVE IT. Not just a little either, a whole lot.
Click here---> Uncle Kracker - Smile - Single - Smile to download and love it too.
Oh, what's that? Is this the new Weddings by Socialites theme song? Why yes, yes I think it is. Check it out!

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