Saturday, August 22, 2009

Click on these today. Wedding blog love.

Dear Google Reader,
How did I ever survive without you?

Style Circle. Oh Abby, you have outdone yourself. Yes, I am a long time fan of Style Me Pretty, but I can't get away, nor do I want to. Go, go check it out. If you have any passion for weddings as a bride or wedding pro- you will love Style Circle. It's like a playground for wedding junkies. I haven't had near the amount of time to really dive in yet, but I did make my first inspiration board with the stock images (which are ridiculously lovely).


This wedding that Snippet & Ink featured is so incredibly classic. I love the blue, the yellow, the white. The clean of it all. The amazing photos. The dress I would wear in a heartbeat. Yeah, no wonder they featured it. It's that good.

We're headed to Savannah in a few weeks for a wedding that will be nothing less than Spectacular, so this post from Wedding Bee was a plus. Great ideas!

Remember when I posted about not having your entire wedding party in the same attire? This wedding on Southern Weddings blog beyond proves that it can look phenomenal.

Ruffles. I never in a million years would have ever thought I would one day love ruffles. They're so feminine and not plain. I love the attention they garner. Leila at Inspired by This- she's into the ruffles too. Love her collection of ruffle images on this post. And if you like ruffles even a little bit, you will too.

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