Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Take notes & pictures at your early meetings.

Most things you'll be deciding during your wedding planning will not be instaneous decisions and many will be difficult to finalize. Mostly because there are so many wonderful options these days.Today lets use your Wedding Dinner (or Brunch!) as an example.
Choosing your wedding food and drink can be one of the more complicated, however, if you make a couple small efforts in advance of your tasting, making those final decisions won't be a struggle. One of my clients recently came prepared with a survey she created so that she and her fiance could write down their thoughts as they came and not forget some of their reactions.
Also, we took photographs of every dish that landed on the table. This way, when they got home, they could open up the wedding planning blog we have set up for them, and match the survey notes with the photos of the items they tasted.
A little extra pre-planning can make all the difference.

101 Destination Wedding Planning Tips

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