Friday, April 13, 2007

My friend needs a wedding planner

Yes, its now almost 1am and I'm still working. I just opened up this email from the most hilarious client ever and she woke up the Jerry Seinfeld in me.

Funny Bride:
Hey there! A friend of mine (guy) is getting married in City name removed to protect the dis-organized on 6/15 and they are really behind in their planning. I told him he needs a wedding planner and started asking all these questions. He wanted your info but then I told him you were in Florida :) Do you by chance know of any City Name Removed wedding planners that could help a disorganized couple?

No, I don't, because wedding planners don't deal with dis-organized couples.

Oh my gosh, I should put that on my questionnaire!:
1) Name_________________
2) Wedding Date______________
3) Are you dis-organized? _____ (if yes, stop here)
4) Expected number of guests_____

I put the word out with my wedding planner network to see who's in the area. I think I actually know one, and if she's booked, she'll give me the name of the next best thing :)

Ok, so maybe I'm not as funny as Jerry Seinfeld. But I am giggling something fierce.

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