Wednesday, April 11, 2007

They never made it to the altar

For the 1st time ever, I had a wedding cancel. Not cancel a few months before- more like a couple minutes before (about 90 minutes). I don't know the details and am not going to ask. I imagine whatever the reason was, it was a very valid reason.
So. As you might imagine, 90 minutes before, its too late to salvage anything. But I am the "silver lining" kinda gal. I stopped being sad, grabbed the wedding cake, called up a few nearby wedding pros, and had a "The wedding got cancelled" dessert hour at my house. We all took turns cutting the cake. It was nothing short of absolutely hilarious.
Here's a photo of Clint Wiley with his gorgeous girlfriend Lauren who is currently in the Naples theatre production of Showboat. That girl can sing! She sang the Little Mermaid song to all the kids...blew us away. Clints name sound familar? Maybe because he's one of the most sought after wedding musicians in the area. Also in attendence- Rob and AnnMarie Epple from AMC video. Speaking of video, I totally had the video camera out...and we had great footage of me smashing cake all over Kelly's face (my husband and I have the same first name). Leave it to me to completely destroy the tape. Yep. I taped right over it not even 24 hours later. Ugh.

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