Tuesday, April 03, 2007

No blood, No wait, Anyone can officiate!

Yep, I wrote that little doozy myself.

5 reasons why you should consider South West Florida for your destination wedding:

1. No blood tests are required. In many states and destinations you are required to have a blood test prior to getting a marriage license. Not if you come to Florida!

2. No waiting period. Several states and countries require that you either wait several days before your license is valid or that you be within its boundaries for a certain length of time prior to the ceremony. The exception- if you are a Florida resident, you have to wait 3 days.

3. Anyone can officiate. Anyone can go online, get ordained, and officiate your wedding! How cool is that? Your favorite Uncle Sam can marry you! I married some of our best friends. I balled through the whole thing. It was hilarious.

4. No passport required. Did you know you need a passport even for the Bahamas now? Save your guests the hassle.

5. None of your friends got married here. Chances are, you'll be the 1st of your gang to tie the knot here. Meaning, anyone who does it after- just followed your lead. You have such great taste.

6. It's less expensive and you'll have more time. Yes, its less expensive to travel and stay in Florida than it is to travel and stay in Mexico, the Bahamas, or Europe. I say this knowing that the majority of my readers are on the Eastern half of the US.

7. It's gorgeous here. No seriously, its gorgeous.

8. I'm here and perhaps I could help plan your wedding. "Call me!" You know, like Debbie on the Sprint commercials? Remember Debbie? Whatever happened to Debbie? hmmmmm

Photo credit (ceremony): Nick Adams
I know, I have more than 5 on the list. I couldn't stop. I have more if you need more. Hee Hee.

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