Thursday, April 05, 2007

Uncle McPicky

Okay, so you all know I have the most hilarious clients on earth. Which is good, because I love to laugh. Here's todays winner:
"So, I got an RSVP back tonight from my Aunt (my Dad's high-maintenance sister) she's going to have the fish, but my Uncle McPicky...yes, that's right, "Picky" needs a special option and I quote:

""If possible, please provide a low-fat, no cheese vegetarian option for Uncle McPicky""

and at the very bottom it continued to say

"" *No Eggs - prefers egg beaters or egg whites for Uncle McPicky too.""

So apparently my reception is at Mel's Diner and everyone's meal is made to order"
Now, knowing that this client likes to crack a good joke as much as I do, I respond with,

"I'll ask the venue coordinator to send a request to the chef now to find out his suggestion for something yummy (well as yummy as something low fat, cheese less, eggless, and meatless can be)."

The comedian for a bride replies:
"HAHA yeah - what does that leave him? A chunk of tofu with tomato sauce spread over it?"
Guess what? I learned my lesson. Chef came up with something I'm dying to taste:
Squash, mushrooms, onions, peppers, zuccini, eggplant grilled and layered with a balsamic marinade, topped with fresh herbs.

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