Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Your Big Exit

I received this question from a reader yesterday:
I was wondering if you had any creative/unique ideas for a send off at a venue that doesn't allow confetti, birdseed, sparklers, etc.

It's such a great question because there are some really creative things that can be done. Before you start to plan your big send off, take note of a few things:
1. The rules and regulations of your venue.
2. Local laws
3. If you're planning something really great- keep your photographer AND videographer until the end of the reception. Something like this is not the thing to leave out of your professional photos and video.
4. Somebody has to be in charge of staging the exit. If you don't have a wedding planner or wedding coordinator, make sure you have someone responsible and sober enough to remember their special job.
5. Timing, and the ability to move all the guests out is crucial.

Okay, so here are a few ideas:
1. Rose petal toss. This looks so great, its environmentally safe, and the petals don't hurt. I had rice at my wedding. It was the worst ever. It hurt so bad.
2. Fog machine, Disco lights, and a big funky song. Doors swing open, and the two of you come out dancing! This is also a really great segue to an after party...
3. Feathers, bubbles, or balloon drop
4. A choreographed dance. The dirty dancing finale would be perfect. See the YouTube video down at the bottom of the blog.

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