Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Not just a pillow from Brooklyn. Its a bklynpillow.

And yes, you want one.

Details. As you might imagine, I find them to be a priority when it comes to weddings. Both logistically and aesthetically. I got all kinds of giddy when Vane of Brooklyn Bride Blog emailed me to let me know she has her "little ring pillow business" up and running. First of all, I think Vane has more style and talent in her little pinky than most do in their all being. But besides that- these pillows rock. More than just a few of these images were screaming some of my clients names.
Here's the lowdown from Vane herself,
The pillows are all handmade by me...I mainly use fabrics available to the trade only, but also use remnants of fabulous fabrics found all over, whether they be placemats, totebags, other pillows...whatever strikes my fancy. bklynpillow is all about creating ring pillows [and eventually other accessories] for the modern bride.

Congrats Vane, and may many rings grace your pillows!

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