Friday, September 26, 2008

The short story of the Ugly Bouquet

At 2pm my cell rang,
"Kelly, its Jamie (Florida brides sister/Matron of Honor). We have a flower emergency. Bring whatever you've got."
That sounds pretty bad right? Yeah, I thought so too. So I grabbed the bucket of roses I had for the aisle presentation, my ER kit and some shears and I hightailed it up to the bridal suite. I almost passed out in horror at the sight of what I saw before me (slight exaggeration). This is what she pulled out of the florists box:This picture does no justice on how awful and pathetic looking it really was in person. The roses weren't open, the stems weren't cut trimmed, the ribbon was that cheap crunchy white stuff- I could go on and on, but I promised a short story.
Here's a picture of Florida bride had actually asked for (less the feathers): A round bouquet of Anna roses with white double faced satin ribbon and reminants of her moms wedding dress tied in:photo by Julie Goodacre
Yeah. I see a little bit of a difference between the two.
So off to work I went. I have never ever been so happy that I had watched the Martha Stewart Wedding DVD Series. THANK YOU MARTHA! I made Florida Brides bouquet from scratch with the roses we pulled from the petal aisle stash and then gave the bridesmaids bouquet making 101 and we remade all 6 of their bouquets as well. Here is how they all turned out:

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