Monday, September 01, 2008

Weddings by Socialites Party Reminder

I like reminders. That way I don't forget. Makes sense right? HA!
Here's your reminder and a couple more hints of super huge prizes to win tomorrow night our Party for the Brides. Did I mention that there will be champagne and cupcakes from FLOUR Cupcakes (yum is an understatement):
From Ken Wells at Cabbage Key Inn (oh how I wish I was allowed to win this one): A Two night stay with dockage included. You guys know how I feel about Cabbage Key...this place is so cool. We go every chance we can get. As someone who considers a night away is worth millions, this is worth 3.5 million.

From Shari Bare who decided to donate to the prize pool in a MORE THAN GRAND way...check out this blog post. Hmmmm you think maybe her prize might include one of these?

I'll bet that someone who loves to plan weddings and has a wedding planning studio might donate something wedding planning related as well. I don't know, just a wild guess. I'll guess that something like that might be GRAND several times over.

Oh, and just like I mentioned before in this post...photographer Julie Goodacre is in on this too. Totally worth stopping by for.

Wedding Pro's...want in? It's not too late. Call or email me.

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