Monday, September 01, 2008

Wedding Bee Classifieds and other Blog and wedding website stuff that's cool

This morning I am catching up on blogs and wedding sites that I love. I thought it would be a good day to mention some of the really cool and fun things I find. I hope you think they are cool too:

Wedding Bee- they have a classified section! I found everything from paper lanterns to wedding dresses for sale. Pretty good deals too.

Plain old good advice from Anne at From I will to I do: Delegate. Thank you Anne, from where ever you found this.

Flower finder: I found a link to this tool on Bridezilla. For those who are not in the know of flowers, this you will love. I also love Bride & Bloom magazine.After planning weddings all these years, I know my fair share of flowers but this magazine really opened my eyes.

Got sunlight? If you do then you can also have some very cool outdoor evening lighting. Check out these lanterns I found on Junebugs blog. I also found an ad from Good Taste events.Jody is a friend of mine who is absolutely as hilarious as her website. If you want a wedding planner in Seattle with a funny bone- call her asap.

The other day I posted about my celebration reception timeline. A few months ago Liene at Blue orchid answered a readers question about her wedding day timeline. Here is her very good advice.

Moo contest on Brooklyn Bride. Ya'll, if you haven't been introduced to Moo cards, you haven't been reading blogs. They are every where and there is good reason for that- they ROCK. So go get some. In fact, go get some for free (win the contest) or at least at a discount (see Vane's left sidebar).

Seriously, this is way cool. A DVD invitation that isn't ummm, dorky. Be careful, there are dorky ones out there. But Darcy at Martha Stewart doesn't do dorky.This invite from Reel Invitations is PERFECT for a destination wedding. Perfect as in, I am calling them 1st thing tomorrow morning.

Style Me Pretty. Oh how I adore this blog. The whole blog. But the part I think you all need to know about? The Little Black Book.I know that so many bloggers are adding "books" to their blogs- and they are awesome resources. But I believe Abby and Michelle were the Lewis & Clark of the wedding resource "books". I know for a fact that they really worked hard to only get the cream of the wedding crop in their book. I'm flattered to have been chosen to be listed in their Black Book the last year and hope Weddings by Socialites will always be included. Here is what you need to know about the Black Book: you can trust these are the really good vendors. They didn't just buy their way into the book. I need to do another post about this kind of thing- someone remind me. It's a hot topic.

On a totally separate side note. Yesterday I was driving through the rampage of Hurricane Gustav (yeah, it was far away and we still felt it) and my cell rang. The caller id said it was Mark Kingsdorf of the Queen of Hearts in Philly. He's a great planner friend of mine in the Philly area. He knows tons with the extensive background that he has. Anyhoo- I pick up the phone and I hear a girls voice, "Kelly! It's Susan Stripling!" Perplexed I was. Susan is a beyond phenomenal photographer whom I have adored the work of for, ummmmmm, ever. Susan used to be a Floridian, now she travels from the big NY to everywhere. Well, it turns out she was helping another photographer in Philly at a wedding that Mark was coordinating. I just called Susan like 3 days ago to book her for one of my upcoming weddings (lucky bride!). They put 2 and 2 together and realized that they both knew me. Small world. I must say, that bride & groom that had both Mark & Susan onsite- SUPER lucky. Susan's Blog and Mark's Blog

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