Thursday, September 11, 2008

Recap: Crazy, Funny, Cool Week

This week and Last week have been busy ones here at the studioThis week Andrea joined the team. Welcome Andrea! We did a little shopping yesterday and scored big time. We got these awesome bowls and trays on clearance for Writer Bride's wedding. Well, not all of them had the red tag, so we asked nicely, and the nice ladies at the store gave us 50% off EVERYTHING. Woohoo! Yep, we like to save our clients money! Click to enlarge the photo.
I don't usually put pics of our brides up before the wedding, but we're going to today. This is Fishing Bride and she won a weekend at Cabbage Key at our party for the brides! You'll see more about why we call her fishing bride after her will all make sense then. Like all our clients, she's so cool.
Some pictures from last week (Click the photo to enlarge). Yeah, we laugh ALOT around here. Wedding planning is not easy work (especially when your're planning a dozen of them). So we laugh and dance to get through the rough parts of the day. Okay, Emily. She had to stay home from school one day. She was sick for like a minute. And we really did order 1000 keylimes for Florida Bride's wedding next week. Publix thinks we got the recipe wrong for key lime pie. I think we'll ask for 5 pie crusts when we go pick them up. Then they'll really think we're nuts.
Last week Lucky Bride & groom came over from Delray Beach for a planning weekend. We did her centerpiece mock-up, floral consult, wrote her ceremony, and had her tasting. Yep, you could say it was a busy 2 days.

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