Thursday, October 11, 2007

Like Mother Like Daughter

I often find that most of my brides have very similar tastes as their moms. Which is great- it makes everything easier when it comes to designing their wedding. What moms and their daughter brides don't usually agree on- etiquette, tradition, and guest count.
Well, same goes for me and my daughter Maddy. No, she isn't getting married anytime soon, but she did just have her 9th birthday party.

Etiquette. Madeline thought it would be okay to show her entire class the invitation to her party. Even though only one classmate was invited. Boy did we have a long talk about that.
Here is the invitation:

Tradition. Madeline wanted to serve steak from Outback Steakhouse(her favorite) at the tea party. I quickly explained that traditionally, its sandwiches at a tea party. I won this battle. Here's the kid friendly buffet we created:

Guest Count. Madeline wanted to invite everyone under the sun of course. I said we had to limit it to the number of kids we could fit at one 6' banquet table and 2 36" round tables end to end. Here's the table:

For fun, the kids decorated their paper mache purses with all kinds of colorful items. For the few boys in attendance, we had foam visors to decorate. Here's the decorating station:

It was a great party. Did you notice Maddy picked both our favorite colors for her party? Like mother, like daughter. Happy Birthday Maddy!

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