Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Stamp of approval

Yesterday I was at the post office shipping out a clients invitations and I saw these amazing stamps. I was so excited! Yes, I agree, I get excited about little things all too often- but hey, the details are what makes the difference. Anyway, back to the stamps. As you know, our dear postal system woke up a few years ago and created stamps specifically for weddings. And they are lovely, yes. But they are also lavender and light green. Lavender and light green are not going to compliment every invitation. However, these cute guys...they bring a whole different meaning to the invitation. This celebrate stamp I just adore. You can't help but get anxious about the party you're about to get invited to once you rip into the envelope.

Ah, the pretty flowers. What I love about this one is that it isn't pastel. It's bright happy flowers. These would be perfect for a garden wedding, an afternoon wedding, a shower, a luncheon...I could go on for ages.

Another very cool option- photostamps. You can get as custom as you like by just uploading an image and creating your own personalized stamp. This is one great example of how to tie it all together.
Jillians mom worked with Two Paper Dolls in Philadelphia to create this amazing Save the Date ensemble for her Captiva Island destination wedding weekend.
Quick Tip- ALWAYS bring a completed invitation to the post office to get the low down on what your postage will be.
Oh- and don't forget to put some thought into your response card stamp!

101 Destination Wedding Planning Tips

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