Thursday, October 25, 2007

Perfect & Steady Sticks

In my last post I had mentioned Steady Sticks and Perfect. I got a buncha emails today asking what in the world Steady Sticks were and what about Jon McLaughlins song Perfect was so "proposal perfect".

Steady Sticks are phenomenal gadgets that I received for my birthday a couple years back. They hold a bottle of champagne or wine in the ground as well as glasses! So you can have a nice little picnic or wedding proposal on the beach and never spill a drip of your Veuve Cliquot. You can get your own Steady Sticks at Red Envelope.

And then there's Perfect. I think it should be the anthem for proposals. Read the lyrics (over there on the right sidebar)and then tell me you don't want someone to sing it to you.

And I found someone to walk me through this life
the brightest sun has opened up my eyes
Tonight I need exactly who she is
We're going to be perfect

and in my life,
if I can have one thing I don't deserve
then I have never wanted anybody else but you

I'm pretty certain you can buy Indiana (Jon Mclaughlin) at and Target.

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