Thursday, May 03, 2007

An Army for a Wedding

How many people does it take to pull of a wedding? Well this past weekend, it was a small army:
Besides a father of the bride who planned for a year-
A wedding planner, 3 assistants
A Photographer, 2 additional shooters
A videographer, 2 additional camera people
2 site managers, 3 catering managers, 6 banquet captains, 20 servers, 5 bartenders
A priest and a sacristen (you know, the church lady)
8 drivers
1 dresser, 4 stylists, 1 make-up artist
3 chefs and 2 pastry chefs
A floral designer and a production staff of 5
22 musicians
2 furniture movers
and a partride in a pear tree.
I'm sure I;ve forgotten somebody, but can you blame me?
Check out Vanessa & Gregs wedding at their blog (click here or on the sidebar with the real weddings)
Thanks to Mr. G and Mr. Hurd for sharing some photos!

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