Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dress Shopping

Dress shopping. I rarely get to go to the bridal salons with my clients because they live out of town. But today was different! It was so fun to watch this client finally get her dress on. I say finally because it took forever to get here. The bridal salon ordered the dress months ago, with plenty of time to spare, thank goodness. But the manufacturer still caused all kinds of grief. You see, if you order a dress and say your wedding date is June, the manufacturer knows you don't need it until then. And lets say someone comes and orders the same one for a May wedding. Guess who will get the dress you originally ordered? Not you. Awful huh? So my solution? "Move" your wedding date up for ordering your gown. Give your self an extra month to 6 weeks.
And to Lacey & Ashley at Lace and Roses Bridal- thank you for making my bride happy today!

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