Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A week, the flu, chocolate and 2 weddings later

I can't believe I went a week without writing! Actually, I would have had to give up one of the 14 hours I slept in the last 2 weeks to blog, so just this once- it was worth it. I needed all 14 hours of it. We had a couple of amazing weddings and one more to go before the month is over. Links to Donna & Jim's Captiva Island wedding and Traci & Steve's Naples wedding are over to the right. 2 totally different weddings and atmosphere's, and both wonderful celebrations. During both of them I had the flu but adrenaline kept me up and running. Even when one of my assistants for the weekend got hit by a truck while we were loading up after a wedding! Nope, not kidding. She's ok thank goodness, but needless to say, it was scary.
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