Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"Jim! I found your tie!"

So remember a few weeks back when I found tie gold mine at Solid Color Neck Ties? Well, here's another way to customize! Each of the groomsmen in the wedding are getting the ties, and since we saved so much on the ties, I was able to do a little something extra.
I took matching satin ribbon to an embroiderer, and had each groomsmens name embroidered onto the ribbon. A monogram would be even better...But I didn't have all the initials. Anyway, once I find my handy dandy sewing kit I'll attach it as the loop on the back of the tie (you know, that little loop that holds the skinny end). Voila! Custom tie, personalized gift!
Wrap it up nice and neat, and it's a cool addition to the grooms party gifts. Make sure you tell your photographer about this nifty little secret. It makes for a cute photo opportunity.

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