Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Oh how I love a great handbag made just for me

Ok, so today I got the bestest surprise ever at my PO box. My very own, made just for me, 1154 Lill Studio handbag. Now, I'm a girl, so of course I have a thing for handbags. But this bag, this is a very special bag.
At 1154 Lill Studio you design your own bag. The style, the fabrics- inside and out (even the pocket lining). I am just beyond excited. And guess what. Not only do they make just great handbags, they even have a wedding line.
To make this any cooler, if you are lucky enough to be in Chicago, Boston, or Kansas City, you can have a handbag party. How fun would that be as a pre-wedding gift to all your bridesmaids? Check out the site, you can design right online. Careful, it's slightly addicting. Oh, and I got the Grace handbag with ruffle and faux hot pink suede inside. So awesome. I need to go get a matching outfit.

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