Friday, January 09, 2009

Black & White and read all over

Shopping inspiration

Today Michelle and I headed out to see if we could find a special table for Gwyneth Bride. We call her Gwyneth because she is so G. Paltrow its crazy. We adore her and her going to be off the charts gorgeous wedding. Back to shopping- I nearly had a meltdown when I got to my favorite shop because I realized I left my wallet at home. Ugh. Anyway, I was inspired by this months issue of Unveiled (I adore this magazine, its a must read). This issue is completely unique because its all about Black & White. Go get it.
So of course, I walk into the shop, and I find all this neat black and white that would be fantastic for a fun shower or bridesmaids luncheon. Best part- nothing over $4 a piece. Love that. These pieces might find their way onto a tablescape I'm doing next week.
While we didn't find the perfect table for Gwyenth bride, we did find these very cool 2.5 foot lanterns. These would be great at the beginning of a ceremony aisle with pillar candles inside and surrounded by big bushy peonies. Then we walked around the corner and found these monsters! I MUST HAVE THEM. Michelle is 5 foot, so you can see- these are big beyond big. I swear I could hear my poor abandoned wallet screaming, "come get me, I will buy them for you!". Michelle saved me by pulling me out of the shop with a Starbucks card. By the way, the new Tzao Vanilla Roobos latte is so good.

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