Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Warning: A bad timeline can be worse than a terrible DJ

{Quick post} I just had a consult and emergency fix with a bride getting married in Chicago on Saturday. She was having a meltdown because her venue isn't helping her with her wedding day time line (this is normal- it isn't their job to do so), her church has no wiggle room with time, and the way the venue told her the evening will flow doesn't work with the hours that she has her photographer and videographer on site. Also, she only had one stylist coming to do hair and makeup for 2 moms & 7 girls and the ceremony is at 2pm. That's right- they'll be starting at the crack of dawn. Yep, I'd be having a meltdown too.
I can not stress enough how important a well thought out timeline is. Sure, sometimes we have to veer off of them, but planning ahead for a smooth day that works with all your vendors for the hours you are paying them for and that keeps you and your wedding guests having a great experience will save you from unecessary stress. Make sure your timeline is inclusive of the entire day (wake up to clean up) and covers all the bases, from each point of view (wedding party, guests, vendors, and venue). It's a puzzle, but a few missing pieces messes the whole darn thing up. Lastly, make sure it actually works- have someone review it!

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