Saturday, January 24, 2009

A One Plate, Three course wedding dinner

Tuna Tartare, Filet, and Creme Brulee

{Hot Trend alert} Yes. You read that correctly. One plate. I was inspired by a recent amazing meal that I had at the Ritz-Carlton Sarasota. While I'll certainly agree that this type of meal is not appropriate for all weddings, it is perfect if you're planning a modern reception that you don't want your guests seated for a long length of time (basically if you want to spend more time on the dance floor versus the dinner tables). The 3 course meal includes an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert. Each course has its own vessel that sits on the larger presentation plate. My recommendation would be to serve this type of meal after a cocktail hour that was inclusive of several passed hors d'oeuvres (approximately 6-8 per person). Here's the thing, don't expect to find this in the cute little wedding menus your venue has given you. You'll have to go to the chef for this one. Simply explain what you're looking for, and then allow him to create some course options for you.

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