Thursday, January 29, 2009

An Eclectic Wedding Reception

{Hot Trend Alert} This is more than stepping outside the box, it's more like ripping the box apart and making your own shape out of it. And I am loving the idea of doing this for so many reasons.
Consider how beautiful museums are. Nothing matches in there. Yet, it still looks phenomenal. Mostly because the spacing is right, the lighting is right, and there's a foundation (walls) that keeps some form of unity.
There is so much that you can do if you move in this direction; and, even better, your costs can seriously plummet! For instance. Let's say you have 75 guests at your wedding. How about doing 5 or 6 completely different tables? Totally different centerpieces, some floral, some not. Different linens, some textured, some flat. Different chairs; all the same at each table, but different from one table to the next.
How to use this to cut costs: Let's say you love Ghost chairs, but can't afford the price tag 60 times over? Fine, do it at two tables of 6. Then, have two tables of 10 with less expensive bamboo chairs. Next two, tables of 8, standard chairs with slip covers. Then finally a couple tables with chivari's.
I would suggest that you stick to complimentary colors if you do go this route. One thing, I really think you'll need to go all the way to pull this off. No toe dipping; Jump in the water.
The possibilities are so endless its ridiculous.

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