Monday, January 26, 2009

Elegant & Modern Wedding Centerpieces & Tablescapes

{Cheap but Chic alert} Big centerpieces are fabulous in the right conditions. I adore and love to design centerpieces with tons of flowers, and candles, and heights. However, this isn't always the best look for certain reception rooms or to evoke a specific ambiance. Also, a limited design budget can be a reason for deciding to go with a chic less is more design.
A modern, simple, yet elegant centerpiece with a great linen selection can make all the difference in either case. For instance, this centerpiece is a fantastic example of making the best of a room that should not be over filled, or a budget that restricts. 3 perfect white starfish, on a beautiful green linen, gold chargers, chocolate colored napkins. Total cost for this table: about $40.
Obviously, there's more that you can add to this to complete and/or add to the look. Some design options would increase the costs slightly, and some could also be free- it's a matter of thinking outside the box.
I know that I've just scared some of you. Worried that it doesn't look "wedding" enough because there aren't any flowers? Easy fix. Go ahead and get 2 or 3 big lush arrangements for your reception room and place them in various focal points around the room, just not on the dinner tables. Also, my biggest design pet peeve: Don't stick your wedding cake in a corner! Use it for decor, not just dessert. Make it a focal point- it screams wedding. One last big dollar saver for you on this fantastic Monday: If you're ordering those 2 or 3 floral arrangements, use them at your ceremony site, then have your wedding planner move them into the reception room for that "wedding" look. Very important- let your florist know this is your plan so that they can design arrangements that can be moved. I adore double duty.

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