Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Bouquet Chic

I adore this book

A big part of my responsibility as a wedding planner is bringing new ideas and resources to my clients. So I do my best to share inspiration when its presented to me. Boy did I get some wedding bouquet inspiration from this book!

What I love about Bouquet Chic, besides the fact that its more than 150 pretty pictures, is that I haven't seen them before. And the ribbons! Oh the ribbons. Often we say that the handle doesn't matter because its always covered up. Not in these bouquets! Kimberly has some amazing ribbon and handle treatments that are more than photo worthy. They are actually unique & beyond simply creative. For me, this is key. I can't stand a copied wedding. Where's the fun in that?

Also, this book actually tells you all the flowers that are in the bouquet- magazines commonly leave us guessing (except in the case of Bride & Bloom magazine, they're pretty good about it). Oh, and to top it off- should you be a DIY bride who dares to create her own bouquet (You guessed it- I consider this a big NO), this book shows you how.

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