Monday, January 12, 2009

Bride Wars & Wedding Pros: A night out

Front (L to R) Shari Bare- photographer, Eva Dunnolastname & Jen Dube from Casa Ybel, Tiffany Nara from Impressions Photography, AnnMarie Epple from AMC Video
Back (L to R) Ashley Brockinton- Photographer, Jen King- Stylist, Isabella & Julie Goodacre- photographer, Cher Hanna- photographer, me, Lisa Hardy- graphic design

We started out with a fantastic dinner at Bacchus. Special thanks to Shannon Yates, and Executive Chef, Heath Higginbotham for an amazing meal as always. We'll be back if you'll let 12 loud wedding pros in again. The dinner and wine and wine were just what we all needed to kick off our 1st gathering.

This next photo would be the first big laugh at the movie theatre. Note that it isn't the actual movie, its me dropping a ridiculously large bag of popcorn all over the place. All the remaining laughs inside the theatre were due to the movie being very funny. We really enjoyed it. But the bouquets...not so much. Its funny the things we noticed about the movie. It was hard to just sit back and watch it for entertainment and not pick apart the "that is so not real" things about the movie. I can't say that I've ever had a bride walk in, tell them to sit(hand gesture and all), and that they have have been "dead to the world until they came" to see me. Seriously, I was dying. Oh and appointments with this planner...15 minutes and a contract was signed on the spot, without even so much as a consideration for ummmm- anything. Oh, and can you imagine being referred to as bride 1 or 2? Hilarious.
After the movie we took a bit to chat in the side lobby. This photo is everyone checking out Ashleys new point & shoot that takes unreal HD video. I think it was shortly after this that we noticed we had an audience listening to our next conversation on the chicken suit engagement photos and forest nymph wedding. If you haven't seen these pics, search google, you're bound to find them. Ashley and I nearly broke into tears we were laughing so hard after realizing 15 people thought we were insane talking about the naked bride with the cowboy hat and chicken suit.
Next night out: Shopaholic.

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