Thursday, January 22, 2009

My advice is this; it's your wedding. Live it.

At some point right after my clients weddings I'll often hear the bride say, "Oh, it's almost time to get back to reality". My thought, "Yes!" Her wedding was so much better than she anticipated that it was like experiencing a fantasy. That's exactly what is supposed to happen. Your wedding day should feel extraordinary.
The truth is that your wedding day or weekend will most likely feel surreal. So let me give you this piece of advice now. Live it. Live the moments you've planned. Don't watch them- live them.
Forget the details, forget the time lines, forget the payments, and menu choices, and play lists. When it's time to start your celebration, remind yourself (and your groom) that you've hired a wedding planner to take care of all those things. Remind yourself that you've hired your photographer to make record of the beauty in it all. Remind yourself that you've hired a videographer to capture the sights and sounds of the moments you're living. Remind yourself that these documentarians will catch for you the moments you can't experience, like what the 15 minutes before you walked down the aisle were like for your groom and what your friends and families experienced while you were getting your first photos as a married couple. You'll forever have these to turn back to and remind you of how great it all was.
Enjoy being the bride and a newlywed on your wedding weekend. Enjoy having everyone that you care most about all in one place. Live it.

101 Destination Wedding Planning Tips

From the editors of Destination Weddings & Honeymoons