Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Yesterday I wrote a book review on Bouquet Chic. To remind you, in case you've read about 35 other wedding blog posts since then, I said I adored it. I think many of you would adore it as well, brides and planners alike. Anyway, the giveaway. This morning, the author, Kimberly Aurora Kapur sent me an email this morning and has given me a copy to give to one lucky reader. Simply comment with your favorite bouquet flower(s) and we'll include you in the drawing. We'll pick a winner on Friday.

This is one of the ribbon treatments that I had mentioned to Kimberly that I thought was more than photo worthy. I've always been a fan of monograms, and I can see this one being an item that would hold sentimental value after the wedding.Photo Credits: Jim Henkens

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