Monday, September 24, 2007

Ceremony & Reception Sites: Don't be so quick to rule it out!

Often, I'll find that brides & grooms are quick to rule out locations because they see it one way and can't imagine it looking like anything else- most importantly- they way that they want it to look. Looks can be so deceiving.

To provide an example, I called Cynthia at LaPlaya Resort in Naples and asked her to send me a bunch of wedding pictures of the same sites- different weddings. The above beach ceremonies are on the same stretch of beach- 2 totally different vibes.

One casual seaside wedding, one semi-formal seaside wedding

Yep that's the same room. 3 very different events! Quick note (there was a carpet change between 2 of these photos)
Like LaPlaya? I do to. To get more info on having your wedding at LaPlaya Beach Resort in Naples, call Cynthia O'Brien at (239)598-5706

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