Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wedding Showcase #5, Oh its a good one!

There is still a week left to submit your photos for the wedding showcase! Remember, you can submit a photo of any tabletop, wedding or shower favor, or welcome bag/guest gift. Here's the latest...

From Martha Browne, a bride of 23 years who has a background in design:

"Although seed packets have been done for bridal showers, they are
often times too feminine for the wedding. But this packet I find to be different. It's a beautiful block print sold at Monticello, Thomas
Jefferson's home and garden. The black and cream color scheme offers any number of possible uses. Here I decided to highlight it against a vintage green plate from eBay. Then I tied it up in simple pink ribbon and tucked in sprigs of Rosemary and Sage."

From: Isha of Isha Foss Events in Chesapeake, VA

These photos are from the open house she had at her new studio last week. Congrats Isha, it looks great!

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