Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What do you mean its discontinued?

I came across these dresses while looking up an email address this morning. There are some really fantastic dresses out there right now. Long and short, strapless, halters, and cap sleeves- so much to choose from. All these dresses are by Amsale.

The reason I was looking up an email address at the Amsale website today was because I have a client who has chosen her bridesmaids dresses, and its a year yet before her wedding. It's important to email the designer (most websites have a customer service email link) and ask if the dress you've chosen will still be available for purchase the date of your wedding. I say email over phone call so that you get the response back in writing. Why? Well, let's just say that 2 of your 5 bridesmaids are also very on top of things and order their dresses as soon as you've picked it out. 2 months later, the 2 dresses that were ordered arrive. 2 and a half months before the wedding the remaining bridesmaids go to order their dresses and are told, "I'm sorry , we no longer carry that style". Uh oh. If you've got the email response, you've got some ground for a good resolution. If you don't have that email...you have 2 bridesmaids with dresses they've already paid for, and not enough time to find and order "perfect for my wedding" bridesmaid dresses. There isn't any easy solution for this mess. There is a solution- but it's probably not one that is going to make everyone happy.

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